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I’m really sleepy. huhuhuhu, after finished the PIP class, I must attend the religion class, after that i have to go to the Kolokium PKN class in Q17. In that class, there is a discussion about Export-Import in our country. the big question about it is; how does our country can survive without import anything. that’s all…….that class is really live, and i want to attend that class again. because everyone want to say their opinion. i read a book that tell me; “you have to argues in different position, even if that argument is in the same side of your friend’s”

I understand that quote now. it means that we must practice our ability to argue in creative way. in other words: “SPEAK YOUR OPINION!” yeahhhh, (i know that is not linked after all and weird)+(that’s because of my brain is really tired and want to sleep :-( huhuhu) Read the rest of this entry »

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Hello everyone ^^

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